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We sincerely thank you for your support of Crossroads of Western Iowa, and we want you to know that your donations of time, money and support help us to continue the important work we to do to promote empowerment.



Crossroads of Western Iowa is committed to empowering individuals to actively seek out opportunities for an enhanced quality of life. Each individual is at a different stage in their journey, which is why we offer programs that meet the needs of each person. Many of our clients are referred to us and we follow a referral process.

If you currently work with or are the family member of an individual who you’d like to refer to Crossroads, here are key steps you can expect.

Referral Process

  1. Contact Case Management to discuss referring a consumer to Crossroads of Western Iowa. If you simply have a few questions to ask before communicating with Case Management, you may also contact our team.
  2. Crossroads will give the individual and accompanying adults a tour of the facilities, housing options and the surrounding community as appropriate.
  3. Crossroads will provide additional information regarding applicable programs.
  4. If there is a mutual decision that the individual proceed to the next step, Crossroads will have the appropriate adult fill out an application. During the application process, Crossroads will outline the admissions criteria, provide the applicant and list of required documents, complete forms and contact the funding source as appropriate
  5. After successfully completing the admissions process, Crossroads will come to a final decision regarding admittance into the program.

Each individual progresses on their journey at their own pace, with the support of the Crossroads team. Each path takes a different course and the time necessary to achieve enhanced quality of life varies. As our clients achieve those goals, it opens up opportunities for the next individual we can empower. That’s how we all work towards achieving the same mission. You can see a real-life example of this by watching a video about Doug, one of our clients, who has worked diligently to reach his goals.

How to Refer a Client

If you would like to refer a client to Crossroads of Western Iowa, please contact us so that we can explore next steps together. Or, complete our online referral form and someone will contact you from Crossroads.