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Project Hope - Students/Adolescents

Project Hope


Despite school being back in session, students’ experiences are far from normal, with many participating in virtual or hybrid learning. The school districts in our community have different schedules and formats, but many students are facing the same issues. They miss their friends. They miss stability. The routine that school offered helped many students feel in control, it gave them a sense of independence and time away from their homes and families. That is lost during this pandemic and, additionally, students are facing feelings of isolation as they cannot attend school with their friends and must maintain social distance.

Project Hope’s series for students will help them take ownership of their lives at a time when so much feels out of their control. They’ll work on managing stress and anxiety, building inner toughness, taking leadership, and maintaining relationships even during quarantine. It can be hard to articulate and understand your own emotions and needs, so giving students the tools to vocalize and comprehend their feelings about the pandemic will be an asset to them and their families.


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Move beyond what holds you back. Fear, doubt, hate, and excuses keep us from achieving, but the thing that holds us back the most is ourselves. Ownership starts with having a clear vision of who you are and what you want, and it requires the inner toughness to make it happen. Participants leave with a new sense of ownership in life and leadership and the motivation to make it happen.

  • What Are You Building?
  • Brandon White
  • Thursday, December 17, 2020

We are always building. Maybe, we are building a reputation, a dream, or even building up frustration and anxiety. Each day is a brick we lay in the structure that is life. Learn what makes a truly awesome and strong structure that you can be proud of. Participants learn the difference between fixed vs growth mindsets, they learn how to create a vision and set goals, how to adapt to life’s challenges, and how to pay-it-forward as leaders.

  • Leadership is a Choice, Not a Position
  • Gary McGuey of Franklin Covey
  • Thursday, January 14th 2021

Students will learn that effective leadership begins with self. This engaging and interactive session will focus on three keys to developing one’s character: Personal Responsibility, Personal Vision and Personal Management. The first three habits are called the Private Victory, similar to the roots of a tree, these habits help us to continue to develop our foundation and become a trustworthy individual.

  • Getting to Synergy: Effective Relationships = High Performing Teams
  • Lonnie Moore of Franklin Covey
  • Thursday, January 21th 2021

In this session, students will discuss why thinking win-win is the foundation of all effective relationships. Students will also learn and practice the skill of empathic communication, which drives teams toward synergistic outcomes. By maximizing all zoom functionality, students will interact with others and walk away with valuable, real world application.


Author, speaker, and youth mover, Brandon Lee White has spoken to thousands of youth and adults in nearly all 50 states about “owning it” in life and leadership.

Brandon has been seen on TLC, Discovery Health, Fit TV, TEDx, and even Wheel of Fortune! He attended Rockhurst University where he earned his Master’s in Business as well as a double major in Business and Psychology.

At home Brandon loves spending time with his beautiful wife and energetic children. They enjoy leading and serving in their church. Plus, Brandon cannot get enough of barbecuing, sports, hunting, and meeting new people as he travels around the country.

Gary McGuey (Franklin Covey), a former educator, and athletic director has spent the past 15 years traveling to all 50 states as well as internationally. He has visited thousands of schools and has worked with administrators, educators, students and families.

Gary was the former Director of the Teens Division for Franklin Covey and created the first curriculum based on The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens. Gary is the co-author of The Inspirational Teacher, focusing on how to develop relationship with students, and The Mentor: Leadership Trumps Bullying, which provides a proactive approach on how to reduce bullying issues in schools. Gary has been an executive coach at the White House.

Gary is a highly respected teacher who brings the rare mix of knowledge, humor and leadership experience to every engagement. “Learn it, Live it and Give it” is the message Gary conveys to his audiences, through a variety of hands on, interactive sessions. Participants are challenged and encouraged and challenged to continue to reflect moving forward. He is a highly sought-after keynote speaker ranging on topics related to leadership, trust, vision and personal development.

Lonnie Moore’s (Franklin Covey) career as a classroom teacher, author and inspirational speaker has prepared him to help clients find solutions that result in long-term change. Lonnie is passionate about teaching the principles of effectiveness to individuals and organizations.

Lonnie joined FranklinCovey in 2000, where he has contributed to the company in areas of sales, marketing, content development, and organizational consulting. Lonnie’s experience working with groups of diverse backgrounds has given him a unique and clear vision of what it takes to create impactful programs. His dynamic and entertaining style makes his presentations fun, challenging and thought provoking. Prior to his work with FranklinCovey, Lonnie taught middle and high school math. In just his third year in the classroom, he was recognized as Mainstream Teacher of the Year in Pinellas County, Florida. While teaching full-time, Lonnie started the Power in You Company. Through this company he authored and designed a student planner for teens and facilitated a workshop to help parents improve communication with their teen.

Lonnie’s clients include school districts, non-profit organizations and corporations in New York City, Los Angeles, Seattle, Honolulu, Atlanta, Dallas, Houston, San Diego, Minneapolis, Detroit, Chicago, Philadelphia and many others.

Lonnie is a graduate of Eckerd College in St. Petersburg, FL. While at Eckerd he earned a B.A. in Human Resources with a specialized tract in Youth Services. Lonnie has been married to Margie since 1988, and has two daughters, Jessica and Lauren. Together they live in Tampa, Florida. His hobbies include running, biking and swimming, where in 1995 he completed the ironman triathlon.

After registering, you have access to all sessions.
We'd love to see you at all of them, but choose whichever sessions work for you.

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All sessions are free and open to the public.