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We sincerely thank you for your support of Crossroads of Western Iowa, and we want you to know that your donations of time, money and support help us to continue the important work we to do to promote empowerment.

Merger FAQs


Will I lose my job? We are making every effort possible for all employees to remain employed. Please keep in mind that some job duties and responsibilities may change for some people, but for the most part our goal is to have everyone remain employed. 

If I stay, will I have a new role or responsibilities? It is possible that some of your job duties may change or be adjusted. If this happens, a discussion will take place between you and your supervisor. However, we are striving for positions to remain as consistent as possible.

Where can I get more information about the Merger? If you have any questions about the Merger, you are welcome to contact your immediate supervisor. If they do not have the answers to your questions, they will help you find them.

How do I find out more about the other organizations involved? You can find out more about all organizations involved by visiting their individuals websites:

What services will we provide? The services that will be offered include Residential, Vocational, L.I.N.K.S. Community Integration and Adult Day services. The exciting possibilities about this Merger is that our service area will expand allowing us the capability to help more people.  

Will my services be changed or interrupted? We anticipate a seemless transition with this Merger. We don't forsee services being interrupted or greatly affected as a result of this Merger. 

Will the newly formed organization differ from the one I have supported in the past? It will differ but in a much more exciting way. By merging three organizations, we will be able to provide our services to expanded territories therefore helping more people with disabilities. 

Will the new organization pursue a mission consistent with my funding priorities and focus? The Merger will acquire the mission of Crossroads of Western Iowa which is to empower individuals to actively seek out opportunities for an enhanced quality of life.

What name will be used for the newly formed organization? Once both Mergers go into effect (on July 1, 2017 for Cherokee Works, and September 1, 2017 for CASS Incorporated), the combined organizations will utlize the name Crossroads of Western Iowa. 

Thank you!

We will continue to keep you posted as changes take place.