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We sincerely thank you for your support of Crossroads of Western Iowa, and we want you to know that your donations of time, money and support help us to continue the important work we to do to promote empowerment.

Adult Day Services Center

Crossroads offers an Adult Day Services Center in Cherokee, Iowa that gives you or your loved one a place to go during the day. Established more than a decade ago, it has provided services for people with disabilities who no longer find work as a priority in their lives. The program also assists families in the community who care for loved ones at home and need a break in the day to buy groceries, go out for lunch, or just run errands.

Our program encourages participants to help plan activities they would like to do.We serve people with a complete day of activities, leisure and fun including:

  • Field trip outings to the Library, Museum and Park
  • Activities like scrapbooking, baking, crafts and music
  • Community guests including Beauticians, the Librarian, Musicians, and Pets
  • Learning opportunities like computer tutorials and letter writing

To see if you or your loved one is eligible, contact our Cherokee office today!