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We sincerely thank you for your support of Crossroads of Western Iowa, and we want you to know that your donations of time, money and support help us to continue the important work we to do to promote empowerment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Crossroads of Western Iowa Organization Change FAQs

Why is the restructure being done? How will it benefit clients, employees, and the organization?

We are working with Category One Consulting (C1C) to conduct an organizational restructure. This restructure will focus on making improvements for clients, employees, and the organization overall. Based on a solid foundation of your feedback we have learned where we are being successful and where we must improve. With this information we have outlined what needs to change in our organization to ensure employees have the support and focus they need, that clients always receive high quality care, and that our organization is poised to serve more lives. We have outlined several objectives for this work to ensure we always have our eye on what we are seeking to accomplish. We believe focusing on these objectives will ensure our organization becomes a better place to work and to be served.

The objectives of the restructure are to:

  • Help Crossroads of Western Iowa accomplish its mission

  • Position our organization for further, sustainable growth

  • Allow for the consistent, quality, and compliant care of clients

  • Make leaders more accessible and provide them with the focus they need to lead

  • Improve teamwork, organizational communication, and process efficiencies

  • Enhance employee experience, engagement, retention, and organizational culture

  • Allow employees to do their best work every day

Will I still have a job after the restructure?

Absolutely. We are committed to ensuring that every current Crossroads employee will have a position in the new structure. The restructure is not about eliminating employees, rather it is about improving the way each of the roles we currently have all work together.

Will I still be doing my same job after the restructure? Will my supervisor change?

Through your feedback we learned that we are not enabling employees to do their best work every day. Workloads tend to be uneven, many employees are asked to do a great deal in their roles, and they often do not have the full support they need. To help with this, we are working toward a structure that ensures employees are supported and have fair and manageable workloads. We will be examining each role in the context of the overall organization to determine how we can give them the focus and guidance that is needed. Through this process we believe some roles will change a good deal but that many will change quite little.

When will the new organization be implemented?

We will be spending the month of March and early April determining our new structure and our goal is to begin its implementation at the beginning of May. After we have started the implementation of our new structure we will begin to develop and put the communication plan and supervisor support protocols into place.

How will staff be supported and hear about progress on the restructure?

As part of the restructure process we will be developing a change management plan to ensure employees have the support they need as our organization shifts. Be sure to keep an eye out for monthly updates from Brent via email and SCOMM and in the monthly newsletter. He will also be providing updates via quarterly townhalls.

Other questions?

We hope we have been able to answer most of your questions through this list of FAQs. However, if you have others throughout this process please feel free to discuss them with your supervisor or reach out to Chris Blake